With the great passion on embroidery, MeiChuan focuses on quality standardization.

Every industry in each country has its own developing story, MeiChuan, therefore, was born in a growth stage of textile industry in Taiwan.

In 1972, MeiChuan was established in Tainan, the main textile city of Taiwan. The founder, Charles C.C. LIN started his embroidery venture with hand-operated embroidery machine. From one hand -operated machine to few, from only one person to more colleagues, each order has improved MeiChuan’s capability to strengthen quality and service in good faith.

With the great passion on embroidery, MeiChuan focuses on quality standardization. In 1976, MeiChuan entered the era of computerized embroidery machine and begun to unify quality of mass production. Upon customer’s encouragements, we formed a design team to design customized products with professional technology of embroidery. The favorite from customer on our designs has ultimately pushed us to release our own creation regularly in order to serve our customers. Thus, MeiChuan has moved one step more to become an ODM company.

The question we always ask ourselves would be “Is this the best we can do?” Customer’s trust and support are our best rewards. We could only keep improving ourselves in order to provide better services for our valued customers.

From OEM to ODM, we are now have three product lines and we continue learning from customers. These several decades, we grow and explode with our customers. Serving customers is our motivation to move on in textile industry.

Now we keep developing more product applications for our customers. We are working hard each day to make even more. This will be our goal to support our customer at anytime and everywhere in their market.

MeiChuan stands firmly behind the customers by never compromising on quality—this is our obligation not only to our clients but also to the end consumers.

We set up quality assurance procedure since raw material inspection, semi-product control and finished product assurance process to ensure that only products that fulfill quality assurance process are packaged and distributed.

We also adhere to international standards involved ISO9001, FLA, WCA and Oeko-Tex standard 100 to ensure meeting and exceeding customer’s requirements in all aspect.

During MeiChuan’s 40 years of history, we carry out highest quality control plan which is involved material cross studying, suitable equipment operating and continuously standard upgrading, which enable us to give our clients an edge in the competitive global market.